Biological Risk Covid 19 – Employers (Corso Inglese di Rischio Biologico COVID 19)

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Titolo Covid 19 Biological risks
Who is it for? The course is aimed at employers (entrepreneurs, freelancers) who are unable to work agile or who are forced to be physically present in the workplace, with the risk of exposure to sources of biological contamination.
Objectives and purpose The course prepares to avoid risks of contagion, contamination and in general to reduce exposure to biological risk, with particular attention to the new Covid19.
Regulations of reference Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments

DECREE-LAW 19 May 2020, n. 34

Requirements of None
Duration and The course lasts 4 hours and can be learned in e-learning mode with LMS (Learning Management System) technology, capable of monitoring and certifying the performance, traceability and accomplishment of each user’s educational activities.
Course schedule General module

Biological Risk

an overview of Biological Risk

Carcinogenic risk

Specific Form

10 steps to avoid the spread of COVID19

Dialogue on the coronavirus


How to wash your hands Women and children Risks for travelers Risk
Assessment from Covid test

Rating Verification of learning through tests, with multiple choice questions, included in the e-learning course
Training certificate Certificate of attendance “COVID 19 biological risk” in pdf format

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